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cuore trasparenteThe “Piano Rebel”  Agostino Giglio AKA Le0ne8 Reveals:

How To Play Rock Song On Piano!

The Easy Course To Play Piano Like A Rock Star

Hey, I’m Agostino Giglio,

the crazy guy playing rock songs on piano on YouTube.

Do you have problems to learn to play rock songs on piano?

Keep on reading,  because I have something important to say…

The Piano Teachers Will Hate Me


Many of you told me about the problems they have been facing playing rock songs on piano. I'm going to reveal you a truth and the world-wide piano teachers will hate me for this:

classical methods are useless to play rock songs on piano.

Just look my left hand movements when I play a Muse song, and after look the left hand of a classical pianist. Do you still think I could rock on the keys with the boring style of a classical pianist?

I felt frustrated... I don't Want You To Feel The Same!

frustratedI know perfectly the frustration to sit at the piano and wasting hours before learning to play something leastly decent similar to the song we wanted to play.

That's normal, because I was still trying to use the wrong classical training to play songs in an alternative style.

That's a problem!

This problema produce impacts and costs into your life!

It costs...

  1. time
  2. money
  3. mental chaos

I quitted To Take Classical Piano Lessons After  7 Years

myHandsI had classical piano lessons for SEVEN years:
I hated that.

I just wanted to play my favourite songs (rock...MUSE!!! of course), rather than the classical pieces!

I can say that the 50% of what I learned wasn't useful to play rock songs on piano


I quitted to take classical lessons after 7 years, and I started to play my favourite songs for my own.

I developed a personal playing method during the years, focused to play rock songs (specially by Muse),

and that's the style you can see in each on my videos on Youtube.

I Can Give You The Right Method To Rock!

During these days I decided to create a basic course where I can explain my personal method  to play rock songs on piano, with the following benefits for you:

  • Basics of what really works

    Quality stuff, explained in a simple way, with a step-by-step method

  • Music theory for dummies

    I’ll explain you just the useful music theory

    (NO boring or useless stuff )

  • Accent on the practice

    If you don’t want to take action,

    you’ll never learn to play

"Your course will be suitable for me?"

This course will be for you if

  • you want to rock at home and out with your friends
  • you want to become a real piano rebel
  • you want to share your cool skills on YouTube:)

This course will NOT be for you if

  • you desire to play classical pieces
  • you want to become a professional pianist for a living

Read The Real Testimonials Of The People I Already Helped

You’ve inspired me to be a better pianist, and in turn, a better person.


BJ Prince - Greenville (USA)

Seriously, with out your videos, i wouldn’t be able to play Hysteria like that or any other songs good. You are the one who got me into the Muse covers. Thanks Ago!

Mohamed Faris - Boston (USA)

I looove your new tutorial

it’s excellent !! you explain very well , it’s very useful and slow enough !!! I ‘m very happy with it

Estelle Coustau - La Roquebrussanne (France)

Your "Piano Rebel" Method Really Works?

You must be wondering, and rightly so, if my method works and what results it brought.

Good questions!

I can tell you that words count little: what matter are the facts.

Well, my "Starlight" cover I appeared on italian TV in a national show called "Talent one" and in the web contest for music category I was in 1st position.

I played, as usual, with "rebel piano" style 🙂
Look below if you don' believe me!

Who is Agostino Giglio To Talk About Piano?

You must still be wondering, and still rightly so, who am I and what results I brought.

I am actually a very simple person, with a great passion for the piano.

I'll show you again the results below.